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Overcome the Challenges of Solubility

The oral route for drug administration is the most used and convenient compared to other routes. Different dosage forms are available for oral administration. Amongst all types of oral dosage forms, the solid ones, such as tablets and capsules, are the most used, due to simplicity of use, low production cost, high stability, ease of administration and oral dosage forms can mask the unpleasant taste of many drugs.

A major difficulty to the design, development and large-scale production of oral solid dosage forms is the poor solubility of many drugs. Approximately more than 60% of the drug molecules are insufficiently soluble in aqueous media. One of the major problems associated with poorly soluble drugs is very low absorption and poor bioavailability. As a result, the efficacy of the drug is also compromised and it becomes a significant challenge for the formulators and it needs special efforts to overcome.

A number of approaches can be taken to deal with the poor solubility of the molecules and to enhance the solubility and bioavailability. Some of the practical approaches that may be adopted by the formulation scientist are:

  • Alternative salt forms
  • Metastable crystalline polymorphic forms
  • Co-crystals
  • Complex formation
  • Co-solvents
  • Solubilization by surfactants
  • Amorphous forms
  • Increasing specific surface area
  • Nanotechnology based approaches

Low soluble drugs might require additional dose to work effectively and that can be burden to liver. On the other hand, high soluble drugs require lower dosage to go to the therapeutic plasma concentration and work effectively without causing damage to the liver.

Stabicon has a unique and incisive solution for the issue of solubility. With a proprietary patent filed technology Stabicon is able to solubilize even the least soluble molecules and help in better absorption of drugs and make it more bioavailable to the human system to formulate efficacious drug.


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