Zuicel®  Technology:

Stronger the Immune system, stronger you are.

Immunity is the body’s ability to protect against all types of foreign bodies, including bacteria, viruses, toxic substances, etc. A weak immune system makes you prone to various ailments such as, cough, cold, running nose, fever, body ache to name a few.

Furthermore, viruses have the capability to mutate and evolve into a new strain – more dangerous than the previous. The recent Corona Virus or COVID-19 is such an example. A quick fix was quickly discovered to wear masks, sanitize hands, and maintain social distance. However, a permanent solution was needed that is more effective.

Apart from these, listed below are other factors that impact the human immune system:

  • Administration of high doses of medicines with suppressants and optional boosters.
  • Combination of medicine types – injections, tablets, chewable lozenges, intravenous drips, to name a few, to deliver the requisite dosage.
  • Undesirable side effects of drugs that may be permanent.
  • Additional treatments and medications for curing persistent side effects.

Our body organs are well quipped to generate antibodies and fight “alien” molecules that enter our system. Sometimes, the organs involved (liver, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, etc.) may not be able to counterattack the invading foreign bodies and need the right kind of help or “reinforcements” to fight back and maintain immunity levels.

Zuciel® Technolgy for enhanced efficacy

Since ancient days, turmeric, either externally or internally, has been a natural cure for ailments such as cardio-vascular diseases, pain, inflammation, fever, itching, etc. till date, turmeric is considered as a safe natural cure.

Curcumin is an active, non-toxic ingredient that imparts the characteristic yellow color to turmeric. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties in addition to being a potent antioxidant. Natural curcumin is more soluble in fat compared to water.

We have developed Zuicel® Technology to make Curcumin 95% more soluble in water. This has exponentially boosted the water solubility of the active ingredient, which in turn, has drastically reduced the dosage size. Suffice to say that 1 mg of our curcumin (processed with Zuicel® Technology) is equivalent to 500 mg of natural curcumin in Bioavailability.

We have taken utmost care and maximum precautions to develop this product as a flavored lozenge “CD4 Shield”, which stands for “Curcumin Defense for Shielding against Microbes” in combination with Vitamin B12. CD4 Shield is clinically safe, stable, and process validated. CD4 Shield lozenge reduces burden on the liver and other organs, thanks to its enhanced water solubility, high bioavailability, and high absorbability in low doses.

Role of the ingredients in the CD4 Shield lozenge:


Curcumin is an active constituent of Turmeric (Curcuma longa).Curcumin is the primary ingredient of CD4-Shield lozenge. A non-toxic,  antioxidant and strong anti-inflammatory ingredient, is also responsible for improving the body’s immune system.

Vitamin B12

Also known as Cobalamin and is a water-soluble vitamin, that aids in cell metabolism of the human body. Vitamin B12 promotes growth, development, and fights cell damage. Anaemia, which causes tiredness and weakness in humans, can be prevented by the presence of Vitamin B12 in the CD4 Shield lozenge.

Advantages of CD4 Shield

We have collaborated with BBC (Bangalore Bi-Innovation Centre) to produce CD4 Shield lozenges as a preventive measure for microorganism-based ailments, especially against the current pandemic caused by Corona Virus (COVID-19).

CD4 Shield lozenges are free from nuts and soya, which make them suitable for vegetarians and children aged 10 years onwards. These lozenges can be consumed by any individual as a nutritional or food or dietary supplement to balance their immunity machinery cell.

The composition of the ingredients in CD4 Shield lozenge coupled with Zuciel® Technology ensures that the components work in sync and complement each other to ensure optimal immunity of the human body and help in maintaining an optimally balanced various defence cell naturally available in the human body.


Caution: Please seek medical advice especially for pregnant and breast-feeding women.