CD4 Shield is the first D2B business in the Personal Care & Wellness Brand industry, providing premium and artisanal manufacturers with an e-commerce platform to sell directly to Wholesaler, who in turn have direct access to the manufacturer. There is no need to have a distributor in the middle.
CD4 Shield is the destination for those looking for the next big thing. Whether it’s a problem-solving therapy or a yet unheard-of technology , we pride ourselves on our transparency and only sell the products that blow us away.


Core Values: Approach & Methodology

Empowering Innovation

Innovation is the driving force of our philosophy, and vice versa, which also forms the backbone of our organizational culture and mindset. We are in constant quest for breakthrough technologies and innovations to consistently push our collective knowledge and understanding of health and wellness. Thus, we continuously innovate and develop new technologies, which reflect in the uniqueness of our products.

Science Driven Approach

Science is the basis of our innovative approach. Our skilled and experienced personnel use scientific methods, techniques, and processes to uncover answers, and thus, develop better healthcare products using technological innovations in this domain.

Transparency & Integrity

Honesty is being true to others and integrity is being true to self. Trust is built on the pillars of integrity and honesty; whose importance is paramount to us in practicing strong ethical and moral standards. Our journey in the past decade has been instrumental in formulating our principles, which helps us adhere to established industry codes.