Literal: With high absorbance & solubility, lower concentration & safety, this lozenge has been formulated with  high performance extracts & supplements focusing with high benefits.

In the crowded nutritional supplement space, there is no longer room for ‘me too’ products. At Focelite, our mission is, therefore, to innovate and develop precision neutraceuticals, based on ground-breaking technologies, that support the health and vitality of our customers, and represent a genuine advance on existing products available.

Our pharmaceutical pedigree and infrastructure enable us to manufacture in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), the most stringent quality standards, unlike other supplement manufacturers. At that time, what had been known about extracts for centuries in traditional medicine was being validated by clinical research model, its route of delivery, and the result was quicker absorption which we are very proud of. Literal owes its ground-breaking absorptive capacity to Zuicel Advanced Absorption Technology, now patented in many countries, and set to revitalise the fortunes of other poorly absorbed compounds.

At heart, our goal is to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives – by supplying them with quality, next-level, nutritional support through innovative products that exist nowhere.

Why customers are choosing our Literal supplements

  • Pharmaceutical pedigree, backed by doctors, scientists & technologists globally
  • Supported by a rigorous, scientific programme and clinical model studies
  • Maximum absorption with minimum burden on body elimination systems
  • Reassurance of quality formulation with cGMP regulatory standard

Global support network, ships to countries worldwide