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MITVANA Natural Scrub Cream’s key herbal ingredients are Cucumber & Walnut. Cucumber is a natural toner with cooling properties. It improves dull and greasy complexions and keeps the skin soft and supple.Walnut oil is high in vitamins and minerals that contribute to a flawless, glowing skin. It contains vitamin E and ellagic acid- strong antioxidants that combat skin ageing.


MITVANA Body Butter For Very Dry Skin’s key herbal ingredients are Indian Frankincense & Mango butter.Indian Frankincense oil promotes cell regeneration and keeps existing cells and tissues healthy. It can help treat dry skin, reverse signs of aging, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars.Mango butter has natural emollient properties, high oxidative ability, wound healing, and regenerative activity due to its high unsaponafiability. It also has a protective effect against UV radiation.

Benefits – Makes skin soft and moist, Prevents water loss & skin irritation, Maintains hydration of skin, Nourishes & repairs skin

Directions to Use – Take adequate quantity of MITVANA Body Butter For Very Dry Skin and apply on the hands and legs. Spread across the whole length of arms and legs. Use at least once a day after a bath and in winters use at least twice a day.

Safety Precaution – Store in a cool and dry place.

Ingredients – Mango and shallakki

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