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SUNGUARD SPF-30 matte finish cream – 50 gm


MITVANA Sunguard 50SPF Matte Finish Gel’s key herbal ingredients are Palash, Grapes & SunflowerPalash is rich in anti-oxidants which help to reduce naturally some signs of ageing.It helps to reduce sunburn effect & rashes.It evens out skin tone.Grape contains proanthocyanidins and reservatrol which are powerful anti-oxidants and give protection against broad spectrum UV rays.It has the natural ability to reduce redness due to sunburn and minimizes damage to the skin

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MITVANA Sunguard 2 in 1 Daily Care  30SPF Matte Finish Cream’s key herbal ingredients are Pomegranate & MarigoldPomegranate helps in reducing wrinkles and fights early ageing as its rich in anti-oxidants.Its rich in vitamin C and it hydrates the skin.It reduces the damage caused from sun exposure.Marigold has the natural ability to soothe the irritated skin and reduce skin redness caused due to sunburn.It helps  to hydrate the skin and give it a glow.

Benefits –Prevents sunburn, Protects against UV rays, Keeps face skin cool & hydrated, Prevents any effects of prickly heat, Keeps the skin blemish free

Directions to Use – Wash your face with cool water and dab it dry.Apply adequate amount of MITVANA Sunguard 2 in 1 Daily Care SPF -30 on the face and neck and massage gently till it gets absorbed.Re- apply after 2-3 hours for better protection.If you are swimming or sweating then re-apply after 90 minutes.Apply MITVANA Sunguard 2 in 1 Daily Care  SPF-30 atleast 20 minutes before going out.Its advisable to apply through out the year.

Safety Precaution – Store in a cool and dry place.

Ingredients – Marigold and pomogranate


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