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How to reduce body acne?

“While we tend to focus on the face, acne can present challenges on your back and chest as well,” said Trevor Thompson, MD, a dermatologist. Body acne is a common problem faced among every individual. It affects us physically and psychologically, making people perceive we are not attractive enough to look at. Improving skin texture takes time. Soaps and shower gels are natural ingredients for body, while coarse materials shouldn’t be applied to the body as it is what creates body acne. Acne breakouts are result of greasy and dirty skin that clogs pores in skin. Reducing intake of sugary foods and oily food decreases risk of acne breakouts. Appointment with a dermatologist will help control body acne. Our skin comprises cells made of amino acids, and they find more strength in vitamins and minerals. Skin health care will make skin healthier and fight radical damage. Nowadays, excessive preoccupation with work life has caused stress and anxiety, resulting in hormonal imbalances thus breakouts. Also fixing of diet to a balanced and nutritional diet is another major way to deal with both body and face acne. Sweat is another major cause for developing acne, it clogs the pores with dirt and causes breakouts.

  Use of a gentle soap can be used to remove the dirt collected from the skin, and then acne cleanser can be used, it contains benzoyl peroxide which acts as a deep cleansing agent. Using if retinoid play a crucial role in treatment of acne by regulating skin cell function and reducing inflammation deep in the skin to clear and prevent further acne. Blue light can turn out to help acne but too much ultraviolet sun exposure can increase skin ageing and darken acne spots. Oil-free and mineral sunscreen should be preferred over greazy skin as it doesnt allow the skin to breathe in, thus increasing acne. Also avoid use of coarse or rough body scrubs that are difficult to the skin. Studies have shown that following of a low-glycemic diet may help reduce acne to a huge extent. Medicines for the skin work by killing excess skin bacteria and reducing of inflammation

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