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How to have lustrous and frizz free hair?

Hair care battles are real life struggles faced by every individual nowadays in this pollution prone everyday life. Good hair days are often exceedingly rare for people facing the worst of these issues. People facing these concerns spend most of their times pondering over what can be done to help themselves. This is the reason why experts advise opting for a personalized hair care routine to keep the hair in best shape, frizz free, smooth and shiny. Maintaining a time-based routine is difficult but feeling accountable for self makes the feel a little easier. Thin hair is too a concern and leads to frizzy hair with split ends. In today’s fast paced life, weak roots and damaged follicles are major reasons for apprehension.  It is also better to let your hair down sometimes or you may tie it a little loose.

Living a stressful life and not taking breaks between work life could lead to severe hair loss problems. And frizzy hair is just an aspect of it. Hormonal imbalances and genetics are also causes of damaged hair. Nothing can be scarier than pattern baldness or scrap baldness in women. These issues can be reduced by an effective plan of oiling, conditioning and moisturizing of hair in regular intervals. Every individual wants lustrous hair that would make heads turn and stare!! The  worrying Issue of frizzy hair or damaged hair is what keeps us away from achieving this goal. Getting rid of dull hair is a matter of patience and routined hair care schedule. Oiling of hair has become a long lost practice, but it still remains the most important food for the follicles of hair. Oiling your hair 2 to 3 hours before hair wash strengthens hair roots and helps in getting rid of dull and frizzy hair. Conditioning of hair every time after shampoo smoothens hair. External aggressors of the environment like heat exposure and chemical treatments always attack your hair cuticles. When the triggers go beyond a certain limit, it weakens your hair and makes it dull, dry, and frizzy. Seasonal dryness and frizz are characteristics for identification of damaged hair. Applying nourishing oils to control damaged hair is an important way for dull hair to be managed. There would be no need to adjust your hair before a selfie ! What more can a person ask for !?

IotSynth’s products are toxin free, made from natural ingredients and are a great haven for hair. It boosts hair growth and repairs damaged hair to give you the youthful and perfect hair look that you had been yearning for. Bringaraj, methi and reetha shampoo gives the shine every hair needs and these are healthy foods contributing to hair growth and frizz free hair. Anti dandruff shampoo reduces dandruff and repeated inflammation causing weak and thin hair. Our products are dermatologically tested and are safe to use. Our products provide excellent results with effective application and in treating hair care problems of day to day life.