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Welblu a Curative Solution

Focelite has developed the product Welblu, an innovative product to treat COVID-19, in collaboration with its US partner. This repurposed drug in the oral form used in integration with a low visible light-emitting wrist band device is effective in disrupting the lipid bilayer of Corona Virus. This lipid bilayer acts as a skeleton for spike protein structural support to mobilize virus into human cells. The emitted low wavelength light penetrates through the dermal capillary of skin and into the blood vessels, catalyses response rate against invasion of virus inside the human body and enables the transformation of the drug into two forms. While one form attacks the virus, the other potentiates the human body’s defence mechanism.” The non-invasive therapy developed using 3C-Sysvir technology helps in arresting the cytokine storm by decreasing the viral load and enabling faster recovery in patients affected by COVID-19”. said Dr.Praveen Sancheti, Medical Advisor based on recent clinical trials.

The unique therapeutic action of Welblu can be a potential solution to combat different variants of the spike protein including the Omicron (B.1.1.529) based its action on viral Lipid Bilayer. The results of the clinical studies have provided encouraging results with patients showing significant recovery. RT-PCR tests conducted in the trial group resulted in a mean time of negative PCR in 3 days. No allergic reaction was seen in the clinical study group. The trial is now underway for paediatric use & with promising results can bridge the gap of non-vaccinated, paediatric groups.

With the continued spread of the virus and the emergence of variants, additional treatments for Covid are urgently needed. This therapy will lower complications and prevent patients from slipping into advanced stages of the infection thereby reducing post covid illness “That is why we are moving with speed and rigor to pursue authorisations and to accelerate broad global access to this treatment,” said Dr. Jagdeep Kakadia and Dr. Deepak Golwalkar, Medical Advisor in a statement.

Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Managing Director, Bangalore Bio innovation Centre (BBC) was instrumental in providing the ecosystem for developing & mentoring the Welblu drug part design. BBC is a joint initiative of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, and the Department of Electronics, IT, BT, and S&T, Government of Karnataka, India.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Ranka, Managing Director at Focelite said that the drug-device combination innovation could be a game-changer in the treatment of COVID-19 variant disease and prevention of community transmission on the global platform.